miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Unit 4 Portfolio


My favourite film is Frozen is by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, is an adventure film.
Is about a real family with 2 daughters Elsa and Anna, Elsa have powers to freeze all the things she touch, one day Elsa and Anna were playing with the snow and Elsa froze her sister and she stopped talking.
Elsa have to turn into the queen of Arendelle, in the coronation Elsa and Anna started talking and Elsa use her powers, she goes to the mountains to build a snow castle and Anna goes to rescue her.  Anna saw the snowman she does with her sister in the past and Anna took Elsa to Arendelle. They were the best sisters in the world. Elsa is selfish and naughty. The best character in the film is Olaf is a snowman very funny. The costumes and the characters are the best in the film. 

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