miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Unit 5 porfolio:Old and modern technology

                                                      Old and modern technology  


This is a very old television.It had a very small screen.It couldn't see the television in colour.The tv it had a long legs.It couldn't saw youtube and google because no exist the internet in those years.The television in its early years it was fashionable and was fun to watched her.It could see old  tv programmes.The people watched boring programmes because the tv  couldn't had fiction programmes.


This is a new tv.It can see the tv in colour .The screen it's very flat and a little heavy  it can't a small screen .This tv is curved because the tv of the age is curved and the people purchase this type of tv.It can watch in the tv youtube and google.You can conect you computer whith the tv.The people love this tv and the people bandage for money.

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