domingo, 13 de marzo de 2016

Unit 4 porfolio:Fact file

                                              FACT FILE

       By Laura.

       Name: Daniel Rovira
       Born: 1st November 1980,Murcia (Spain).

      Daniel Rovira is a spanish  actor, humorist and stand-up comedian,he has 35 years       old ,he was  a member of a program of Granada.To pay his studies he worked                 as storytellers in a central teahouse Granada.In 2013 he filmed his first movie                   Spanish Affair starring as the main character alongside Clara Lago,Karra                           Elejalde and Carmen Machi.In 2014 came the movie eight Basques surname                     featuring him. In 2015 came the movie eight catalan surname featuring him.Since           2014 Rovira has played the role of Juan Gutiérrez in the comedy TV series B & B           de boca en boca on Telecinco.  

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